Frederick Henry Dyer (diary; letters; cards; photographs)



Frederick Henry Dyer (diary; letters; cards; photographs)


Frederick Henry Dyer


Uniform emblem. Pass. Letter of recommendation. Two letters. Christmas card 1914. RAMC. Discharge papers. 4 Photos.


Frederick Dyer enlisted in the army in 1909, joining the 1st Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment (Xth foot), Leytonstone.

He was discharged in May 1914 and recalled as a reservist in August 1914. He was a Pte - Army No. 8640.

He kept a diary which gives the following information:
-13th August 1914. Embarked with the BEF on SS Norman, arriving in France on 14th August.
-14th - 16th August. 18 hour train journey to arrive at French barracks.
-20th August. Waiting for artillery to arrive.
-23rd/24th August. Battle of Mons. Big battle. Many wounded and killed.
-25th. All day and night march.
-26th. Big battle. Major TooGood wounded.
-27th. All day and all night march (26 miles a day)
-27th. German village shelled.
-31st August - 5th September. Divisional training.
-10th - 12th September. Inspection from 3rd Division.
-14th September. "Great Retirement" - Organised retreat - the Lincoln's suffered many losses.
-15th - 19th September. Army manoeuvres besieging the German positions.
-20th - 26 September. In trenches waiting for the Germans.
-20th October. Receives a parcel from his girlfriend.
End of diary.

There is evidence from letters that he had been wounded by 3rd December. Notes written during a 'big battle' - 1st Battle of Ypres, were found with messages 'If he should die.'

He was badly wounded during 1st Battle of Ypres, with a bullet wound between the spine and the shoulder blade. There are photos from this period.

Frederick Dyer was invalided out of the army on 2nd August 1915. His Major wrote him a letter of recommendation for any future employers.

He was awarded three WW1 medals: 1914 Star, Mons bar, and 'Pipsqueak and Wilfred'.




Mons, France.
Ypres, France.


David Dyer

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