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William Arthur Walder


William Arthur Walder


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William Walder was born 12 Nov 1879 in Rogate, West Sussex. He served in South Africa with the Hampshire Regiment between the years of 1900 and 1902 before returning to England and marrying Daisy Pratt in August 1903. They had 10 children (4 sons) together over the course of his life.

His service in the First World War is unclear, but it is thought he joined up at some point after 1915 and was sent home with a pension in late 1917. This time he served with the Royal West Kent Regiment on the Western Front. Walder remained a private throughout his time in the army.

Walder came from an agricultural background and worked as a labourer and foreman in the southeast of England (Hermitage, Southbourne, Bognor Regis) after the war, eventually dying in 1952 at St Richard's Hospital, Chichester.

His son served in the Navy during the Second World War.


1902, 1915-17


South Africa, Western Front, South-east England


Graham Walder

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