Pte William Haxby (pay book; certificates; receipts; medals)



Pte William Haxby (pay book; certificates; receipts; medals)


39778 Pte William Haxby, 67 Labour Corps.


Recruitment Travel Pass (02/03/1916); Pay Book (2 x images); Certificate of Transfer to Reserves (08/02/1919); Soldier's Demobilisation Account; Receipt for Returned Great Coat (01/02/1919); Certificate of Identity (11/01/1919); Note Re inquiries regarding Pay and Gratuity (13/01/1920); Certificate of Transfer to Reserves (08/02/1919); 'King's' Cap Badge; Victory Medal; Portrait of Pte Haxby.


Pte Haxby also served with 10 Bn East Lancashire Regiment, Kings Liverpool Regiment and Manchester Regiment. He was wounded and entitled to 'Wounded Stripes Blue' x 2. The collection includes demobilisation documentation.

UPDATE (Feb 19 2019): We received an email from R Bagshaw, who kindly pointed out the following:

From the evidence offered it does not appear that Pte William Haxby was wounded and entitled to 'Wounded Stripes Blue' x 2. His Certificate of Transfer to Reserve on Demobilisation indicates:

Medals authorised prior to 11.11.18 - Nil
Wound Stripes - Nil
Chevrons Red - Nil
Chevrons Blue - Two (these are for Overseas Service [starting after 1 January 1915]. Two such chevrons indicate at least one year and 1 day [366+ days], but less than two years and 1 day [which would have qualified for a 3rd chevron], overseas service starting from day one in theatre and the relevant completed time/date thereafter - not wounds.)

- Red chevron for first year, if starting in 1914, first day overseas to 1 year thereafter.
- If still serving overseas at 1 year and 1 day a second, blue chevron.
- Further 1 year later, another blue chevron, and so on.

So, if serving overseas August 1914 to a later date in August 1919 inclusive, a soldier would theoretically accumulate 1 x red and 5 x blue chevrons. If starting in 1915 or later, then just blue chevrons would be awarded.




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Hilda Edgington

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Bolton, 24/11/2018

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