Henry James Potter(Harry)



Henry James Potter(Harry)




Various photos, notes by Jillian Smith, call up & discharge papers, cap & shoulder badges, service pin, identity card, pass from command depot.


Jillian is the granddaughter of Henry who was born in Stogumber/Higher Vexford 13th July 1896 to George and Eliza Jane Potter a Labourer at the time, who by 1911 was to become a Shepherd on a farm and 2 of their 6 children worked there too.

Henry left school when he was 14 years old and went to work in Bicknoller as a Mason with his uncles building business, this is from where he was called up.

Henry was call up 24th November 1915 and served with the Somerset Light Infantry, regiment number 20396 as a Private. He was injured with a gunshot wound to his hip and was sent to Sutton Coldfield and then to Brand Lodge Hospital Colwall, Great Malvern to recover. Jillian brought in an official photograph of Blandford Camp in January 1916. The family have a photograph of him wearing a white lanyard on his shoulder which they believe suggests he was involved with horses during the war.

Henry was discharged 10th October 1917. He was awarded a silver war badge, number 260479.

All the photographs were annotated by Henry.

After he returned home from war, he worked at the Willett Estate doing maintenance work. He married in 1922 to Ethel May Symons and moved to Hound Hill, Stogumber where he lived until he died in 1964, he is buried in Crowcombe, Somerset.

He and his wife Ethel May had 1 son. In 1939 Henry was a Master Mason living at Hound Hill with his wife & son.

Jillian brought in a selection of 24 postcards which Henry sent home to his family during his war years, one of which is an embroidered postcard.
Henry made a leather belt embroidered with Somerset Light Infantry, motor bikes & flags etc. It is on display in the Taunton museum, Somerset Light Infantry section. Henry made this whilst recovering at Great Malvern.






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