George Taylor, Lincolnshire Regiment



George Taylor, Lincolnshire Regiment


George Taylor. Lance Corporal, 7th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment.


1. Army Form B 2067 A. 2 images.
2. Photograph of George Taylor in civilian dress. 1 image.
3. Photograph of George Taylor in military uniform. 1 image.
4. Postcard style photograph of Ernest Taylor with birthday greetings to George. 1 image.
5. Letter from Ministry of Pensions dated 9 Sep 1936 to Mr. Z. Taylor regarding pension in respect of G. and B. R. Taylor. 1 image.
6. Printed notice regarding The War Graves of the British Empire Cemetery Registers published by the Imperial War Graves Commission. 2 images.
7. Printed notice dated 23/06/1930 from the Imperial War Graves Commission that permanent headstones had been installed at Greasby St Marys Church.
8. Letter from George Taylor to Ben Taylor – it is undated but George is in hospital. 2 images.
9. Printed memorial sheet to munition workers who lost their lives on July 1st 1918. 1 image.
10. Will of George Taylor dated 23/02/1916 and his equipment form dated 27/01/1918 at Grimsby. 1 image.
11. Un Franc note issued by Chambre de Commerce de Rouen. 1 image.
12. Newspaper cuttings. 1 image.
13. Memo and discharge papers for George Taylor. 2 images.
14. Will and Notes about George Taylor. 1 image.
15. Field Medical card for George Taylor. 2 images.
16. Army form concerning an application from George Taylor for a Silver War Badge. These badges were issued to those honourably discharged from service due to injury or sickness and were worn with civilian clothes. 1 image.
17. Character reference and particulars of service for George Taylor on his discharge. 1 image.


George Taylor was a great uncle on my Mother’s side. He was born on June 6 1882 at Beauvale, Newthorpe, Nottinghamshire, England. He was the son of Zachariah and Millicent Taylor. Zachariah Taylor married Millicent Clarke on December 8 1879. His siblings were: Ernest Taylor born March 13 1881, Arthur Taylor born October 16 1885, Alice Taylor born February 28 1887, Percy Taylor born November 29 1891 and Benjamin Robert Taylor born July 24 1899. Alice Taylor married Henry Marriott in 1911. Ernest, Benjamin Robert and another son also served in the First World War; Benjamin died of injuries.

George served in France. According to his discharge papers George Taylor enlisted on 14/09/1914 at Nottingham. In civilian life he had been a coal miner. His regimental number was 12766. He was discharged on 14/09/1916 at Lichfield in consequence of being no longer fit for War Service. He died from injuries on 26 March 1918. He is buried at Greasley (St Mary) Churchyard and Cemetery, Nottinghamshire. The inscription on his gravestone reads “SERVED AND SACRIFICED”.

We have a letter to Benjamin (Ben) written by George when he was in hospital. In the letter he refers to attending an event at the Albert Hall; ‘just before the meeting commenced all us boys 3,000 in all sang the old trench songs and it sounded grand’. He refers in the letter to Ben’s hansom and encloses a one franc note.


1914-1918. 14/09/1916. 26/03/1918.


Beauvale, Newthorpe, Nottinghamshire, England. France. Nottingham, England. Lichfield, England.


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