Richard James East - Career Soldier



Richard James East - Career Soldier


Richard James East


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Charles is the grandson of Richard James East. Richard was born in 8th September 1874 in Wallingford, Berkshire to William & Jane East a Shoe Maker.

Richard was a career soldier who had first enlisted in 1891 in the Royal Regiment of Artillery. From this previous time in the army he had regiment number 347361. He married at Rodbourne Cheney in 1903.

He re-enlisted in January 1915 having been a General Labourer. He was in the Royal Engineers, Transport Branch regiment number 64800. He served in France, was twice wounded and was in hospital and convalescence in Scotland.

He was awarded the following medals:
Kings South African with bars 1901 & 1902
Queens South African with bars Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony
1914-15 Star
1914-1918 Medal
The Great War for Civilisation 1914-1919

In 1939 Richard is a Boiler Makers helper living with his wife and family in Swindon. Charles brought in a photo of Richard in India, he is seated on the far left. Another photo was taken in South Africa and although the family know Richard is in the photograph they are not sure which one he is. He also brought in a written history of Richard James East.

Richard died in 1954 aged 79 in Swindon, Wiltshire.






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