Frederick J Judd



Frederick J Judd


Mother's sister's first husband


Set of three First World War medals and smaller duplicates of the same, War Defence medal, letter of reference from the Supreme War Council, Pass to the Versailles Conference, photographs taken during the Versailles Conference


Frederick J Judd was employed under the Brigadier General for the Supreme War Council for 12 months, during 1918/19 and was in charge of maps and papers in connection with the work of the Supreme War Council. He obtained photographs of the Versailles conference after the First World War. The story goes that he gave a French photographer a bottle of wine for them! He was given a pass for the conference and was supposed to send it back afterwards, but he never did.


1914 - 1919


Battles not known, Conference of Versailles


David Thomas Hawkings

Collection Day

Williton Pavilion 6th April 2019

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