Pte Albert and Beatrice Stokes (photographs; bracelet; poem)



Pte Albert and Beatrice Stokes (photographs; bracelet; poem)


Private Albert Stokes, 398740, Royal Engineers.


Photograph of Albert Stokes, the bracelet he made for his wife, Beatrice, and one of the poems she wrote for Albert.


Albert Stokes of New Street in Stourport-on-Severn, married Beatrice Tovey in the autumn of 1916. During his time with the Royal Engineers, he made a bracelet of uniform buttons for his wife and she wrote a number of heart-felt poems to him.

Alfred, who served throughout the First World War, was gassed and suffered shrapnel injuries, some of which remained under his skin. He never talked of his wartime experiences and refused to watch any war films.

Three of his four brothers also served during the First World War, all surviving the conflict.


August 1914 - November 1918.


France and Flanders.


Ann Hooper.

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