Walter Raymond Philpot



Walter Raymond Philpot


Walter Raymond Philpot


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Walter Raymond Philpot was the father of the contributor's grandmother. He was born in Islington London 25th December 1871 to Walter and Mary Philpot.

Before the war Walter Jnr was a carter and he went on to marry his employer's daughter, Mary Ann Rider, in 1892. They had 9 children, 3 of whom sadly died as children. Joyce’s grandmother was the eldest child.

Walter had previously taken part in the Second Boer War and because of this became a reservist. He had been a Private in the 4th Battalion Rifle Brigade, regimental number 7892, where he served in South Africa. Walter Jnr enlisted in November 1914 and was sent to France in 1915. He had lied about his age when he filled in the forms as he was 44 years old but said he was 35 years old.

He was a Private Rifleman in the Rifle Brigade 12th Battalion and his regimental number was 5/9560. During the war, his family received 2 postcards. The first (dated 17th June 1916) stated that he was wounded in the stomach. The second postcard (dated 24th June 1916) said “quite well”.
Walter died of his wounds in Belgium 29th June 1916. Having been wounded in France, he was sent to a Belgium Medical Unit. But it was September 1919 before his widow received his final pay.

There is a notification of death dated 10th July 1916 which gives his unit place as Winchester. His daughter (Joyce’s grandmother) travelled to Belgium in 1933 in an organised trip via an overnight ferry to Ostend. He is buried at Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery.




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